Open Plot Threads


  • MAIN: Get to the source of the goblin raids and put an end to it. (Reward: 200 gold crowns)
    • Locate goblin camp (Black Rock)COMPLETE
    • Make way to Black Rock – SETBACK – The Hobgoblin presence is too large. The party has returned to civilization to regroup.
    • Find and defeat Kainis and the goblins.
      • Return the Obsidian Dagger to Glep.


  • Paz: Find and reclaim his boat.
    • Soothsayer said he would find it, but not in one piece.
  • Ah Zhi: Become famous

Forming threads (not yet solidified into something actionable) kept in GM Only area.

Between-session Hooks

  • Ser Archibald wishes to delve deeper into the histories and lore of his knightly order.
  • Ah Zhi trying to produce a new song about the ordeal of the slaves.
  • Ser Archibald to track down the descendants of the Penrose family to return their ancestral sword.

Open Plot Threads

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