A trading town on the old Imperial Highway that skirts the border of the Hosean plains in the foothills of the Steelpeaks. The bustling frontier trading post has grown up on the site of old Imperial waypoint. It’s now home to farmers, woodcutters, fur traders, and prospectors searching for gold and platinum in the foothills. A small mountain river called the Neth flows through the center of town and joins up to the Hafren miles away. The town was built upon the ford and eventually was bridged.

Population: 500
Area: 0.63 square miles (appx 400 acres)


  • Fairchild Inn: A newly built roadhouse made of stone and timber has food, drink, lodging, gambling, and entertainment.
  • Nethford Provisions: The town’s general supply store, post office, and commerce center.
  • Miner’s Exchange: The miner’s trading post, tavern, and records office. This is where the prospectors tend to congregate. This area has also become the de facto town hall.
  • The Lady’s Shrine: A small luck shrine made of stones from nearby ruins.
  • The Mole A run down taproom built into the side of a hill.
  • Fairchild Trading Company: A fairly new and aggressive trading company based out of Neth, built upon the wealth of the gold mines.
  • Faulkner Keep: An ancient manor house that has fallen into ruins. Stones from the ruins can be found as fences and house walls throughout the settlement. The more modern manor house sits at the base of the keep and overlooks the town.


  • Lady Anne Faulkner – the lowborn widow of the former Lord of Neth is active in the growth and resurgence of the city. She has a stake in the mining company and the trading company.
  • Taldrick Tanner – Innkeeper at the Fairchild.
  • Mayor Harbin Wester – Lady Anne’s appointed mayor and judge of town. He handles day-to-day issues.
  • Granit Hobson – a dwarven miner and engineer who runs the Miner’s Exchange. He is part owner of the Neth gold mine.
  • Harlan Fairchild – Majority owner of the Neth mines and the Fairchild Trading Company.


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