Green Hope

The largest of the Marchland towns, Green Hope is the furthest town of Aquilar from the heartland of the kingdom. The town and surrounding farms and villages is ruled by Baron Ashworth.

Population: 854
Area: 1.07 square miles (appx 683 acres)


  • Attwater’s – the town’s only common house, John Attwater is the local vitner and brewer located right off of town hall on the village square. There is no inn, but several of the more well-to-do residents rent out their spare rooms to travelers.
  • The Green Stone – there is no church in Green Hope, but there is a small ancient fertility shrine in the village green. It is tended by a small circle of druids. Locals often leave small gifts for good luck. Even though there is no church, a priest regularly visits while making his way around the Marchlands.


  • Baron Adam Ashworth: The Ashworths maintain their home, a fortified manor, within the town limits of Green Hope.
  • Baroness Sylvia Ashworth: The Baron’s wife is the common-born daughter of a wealthy yeoman, Edward Richfield. She is considered the most beautiful woman in the Barony and it is rumored that she is the brains behind many of the Baron’s more effective policies.
  • Sir Preston Ironheart: A local hero and a knight who maintains his residence within the town limits.
  • Edward Richfield: The only land-owner within the Barony other than the Baron and Sir Preston Ironheart, Edward Richfield is a self-made man who purchased his land holdings from the King. He is the wealthiest man in the Barony and lives on his farms outside of the town limits.
  • Eric Clifton: The town’s constable commands six full-time deputies to police the town.

Green Hope

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