Core Assumptions

Gods Oversee the world?

The Gods may or may not be real. Multiple religions exist and claim to have the one truth. If one or more Gods exist, they are distant and uninvolved. Clerics are agents of their faith. Ancient devotions and rituals are passed down through secret rites and initiations. There are some groups that deny the existence of the Gods.

Much of the world is untamed

Wild regions abound, but all is not unknown. An ancient Empire has fallen, plunging the world into a dark age. Many ancient outposts have been overrun by the wilderness as civilization crumbles.

Conflict shapes the world’s history

The World is Magical

Practitioners of Magic are rare, because magic has a steep price. Use of magic tends to draw magical creatures like a beacon. The commonfolk look at magic users with distrust if not hatred because of all of the trouble they cause.

Core Assumptions

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