Broken Tooth Legion

BrokenTooth.jpg The Broken Tooth Legion is formed from the remnants of the tribes of Broken Tooth, which were crushed by the Elven Hegemony decades ago. The survivors banded together and wandered into Amaria, fighting off attacks by the Empire until a peace accord was struck. The Legion first was an auxiliary force of the Empire and then a full fledged mercenary unit. It’s captain, General Morrow, is a feared and skilled tactician.

Fearless in battle and disciplined beyond reason, they are often pushed forward in battle to the most dangerous positions, to fight the most dangerous foes. Time after time, they emerge victorious.

A constant life of warfare has hardened the band. They stoically take heaps of abuse from their allies, cursed for who and what they are. They continue to fight on through it all, remembering a dream they all once shared.

Units of Note

  • The Fist – the first Company of the main (first) Battalion, General Morrow’s, is the most renowned of the Legion. The company is the heart of the Legion and has never fallen in battle.
  • The Defilers – the third company of the main Battalion are religious fanatics known for flaying and scalping enemies to honor their gods.
  • The Cripplers – The first company of the second battalion, the Cripplers are often the company sent out to spread chaos ahead of the main body of the Legion. They are elite raiders and move quickly overland.
  • The Shadow Sisters – The fifth company of the third battalion, the Sisters is the Legion’s only all-female unit. They are all widows and orphans.

Broken Tooth Legion

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