Masha Tanner

A farmer of Green Hope


A comely middle-aged woman with a no-nonsense demeanor and constantly pursed lips, as if she is always slightly disapproving of something. While she has a hard exterior, she also is the first person in the community to step up and assist if someone else is in need.


The Tanner Farm is one of the oldest farms in the area. Masha runs the farm with her husband, Brit, and their children:

  • The twins, Billy (16) and Jacob (16)
  • Sally (13)
  • Adam (10)
  • Preston (8)
  • Sylvia (6)

While Brit is the head of household, it is Masha who runs the show. She runs a tight ship and doesn’t accept any nonsense or backtalk. She is also quite involved in everyone’s life, making sure people are taken care of.

Masha came to the area decades ago, running away from the great Orc Uprising. She traveled with her cousin, who was at the time pregnant with Htaed.

Masha Tanner

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