Garnet the Red

A bard of growing renown


A dashing, charismatic half-elf with reddish-blonde hair and twinkling green eyes. He always has a smirk and often gets into battles of wits for fun. Often the targets of his japes laugh along with him, as he is almost never malicious. He has a reputation with the ladies of every town he visits, but has thus far managed to avoid being tied down to a relationship.

The only time he is semi-serious is when he is playing an instrument. He often gets lost in the performance.


Garnet the Red is one of the most popular up and coming bards in the environs of Aquilar. Playing common halls and nobles both, he is powerful singer and instrumentalist who weaves tales of wonder.

His two most famous pieces are the Ballad of Tir’Balan, a tragic tale of two lovers on opposing sides of a war within the elven lands, and the Knightly Mare and the Maiden Fair, a satirical, up-beat song popular among the common folk.

Garnet the Red

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