The Long Road


Between sessions

Before leaving the keep, the party and the elves burn everything they can. The gatehouse is ruined, the keep is a husk, and the castle is almost unusable. The smoke from the keep can be seen for miles. Scouts can already see hobgoblin forces marching this direction.

The party heads back to the Elves’ camp and finds them packing up to leave. Captain Tanevria is busy documenting as much as she can and organizing her overall intelligence report for her superiors. She looks up as you approach.

“Well done in the keep. We got a lot of valuable intelligence of the forces here. My superiors will decide what to do with this information. We’re clearing out of here as soon as possible. Advanced scouts will be upon us before nightfall and we plan to be long gone by then.”

The party decides to arm the former slaves, all twelve of them, and assist them getting back to civilization. The elves have some hidden river boats as well and agree to escort the entire group as far as Neth.

There are twelve slaves that the party rescued:

  • 3 dwarves, one male and two females who worked in the kitchens as cooks.
  • 2 tiefling men who worked in the kitchens.
  • 7 humans, 2 men and 5 women, who worked varying jobs throughout the keep.

It looks like the slaves spent most of their time in the keep serving the command staff and sergeants. They were kept away from the abuses they would have suffered with the rank and file soldiers in the gatehouse. The old woman encountered in the storage room is called Hetta and is from the fringes of Amaria. In fact, all of the slaves are from fringe groups and minorities of Amaria.

They are quiet and somewhat sullen on the journey back to Neth, especially avoiding conversation with Ah Zhi and Zinon. They are polite and thankful, but definitely wary.

You arrive in Neth and the Elven scouts bid you a good journey as they continue north into the Elven lands. This is where the next group of sessions will begin.



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