The Long Road

Dramatis Personae

Where some quick thinking avoided a lot of danger

The party set out from Neth to find a goblin camp that would lead them to the main culprits behind the raids. Traveling upriver in a 40-foot riverboat, Paz was able to navigate competently through the maze of waterways.

All was not well with the group, however, as several hours into the trip, Htaed came down with a terrible sickness and spend the journey evacuating everything in his system into the river. The craft happened upon some goblin fisherman traveling via outrigger and managed to flag one down.

Some basic communication (mostly about a certain boat lost gambling), they were able to get a basic path to take to the goblin camp – located in an abandoned ruin in an area called Greywater.

They went down a narrow branch of the river, fairly shallow and no more than 120 feet across at the widest point, when a monstrous creature burst from the mud underneath the boat and stabbed Ser Archibald Stoneshield with its’ giant, hook-like claws. The creature, a Bog Fisher, hooked the boat with one claw and continued to stab at the party. After getting through the initial onslaught, the group tightened up their defense and were able to stab the beast to death.

Although they defeated the Bog Fisher, it didn’t come without a cost. One of the mammoth creature’s claw’s had punctured the hull of the ship and it was slowly taking on water. The party kept moving, while bailing water, and soon came to a small clearing near Greywater Keep.

Ser Archibald Stoneshield and Zinon Remos, conferring on their history of nobility, recognized the area as the ancient seat of House Penrose – a noble family back in the days of the Empire. The land was overrun after the fall and has since been swallowed by the surrounding Carlinwood.

Htaed and the retainers of Ser Archibald remained with the boat, to recover and repair, while the remaining four members of the group ventured through the forest towards the ruined keep. As they approached, one of the group tripped a trap that rang bells and pots to alert the goblin sentries.

Three small groups of sentries fanned out, eventually finding the group. The battle was hard fought. The heroes were victorious, but not without sustaining injuries. A larger party of goblins followed upon the heels of the first and found the boat, Htaed, and retainers – taking them all into the Keep and prisoners.

After some discussion, the remaining group decided to hide for the night and try and rescue the prisoners in the daylight, where they would have an advantage. The party then came up with a cunning plan. Using his disguise kit, Ah-Zhi made up Ser Archibald to appear as a ghost. Paz used his dwarven knowledge of stone and masonry to find a weak wall on the backside of the partially sunken keep that led into the catacombs.

In the catacombs, the group encountered the last remaining member of House Penrose, Ser Courtney Penrose, now a ghoul – trapped for hundreds of years in undeath. The group quickly defeated the former knight and added his rusted armor and clothing to the disguise. They also found the remaining treasure of the noble house and some ancient books. Among the treasure was the ancestral blade of House Penrose, Thorn.

Armed with Thorn and Ser Courtney’s ancient armor, Ser Archibald Stoneshield entered the goblin den from below, accompanied by pyrotechnics and various mystical effects courtesy of Ah-Zhi and Zinon Remos. Focusing on the Goblin Boss, they quickly cowed and subdued the leader while the remaining goblins fled in mass hysteria. The prisoners were saved and the goblin boss was interrogated before being executed.

The questions were about the location of Kainis, the mysterious author of the hobgoblin raider’s letter. The answer was “Black Rock”. The party cleaned out the keep, repaired the boat, and returned to Neth to prepare for a longer journey deeper into the Carlinwood after the mysterious Kainis.

Experience: 520


  • Rusted breastplate (House Penrose)
  • Thorn – +1 longsword (additional powers)
  • Penrose Jewels – 8 rubies
  • 4 tapestries in poor condition
  • Books (good condition in a watertight chest)
    • Histories of the Dorin
    • Myths and Fables of the Dorin Empire
  • Tarnished Silver – Plates, Cutlery, Serving Dishes, etc.
  • 600 silver coins from the old empire
  • 40 gold coins from the old empire



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