The Long Road

Assault on Fort Ironshield

The party assaults the Keep and learns some important secrets

After setting fire to the barracks in the bailey of the ancient fortress, the party quickly sneaked to the other side of the fortress. Using the distraction, they quickly killed several hobgoblin soldiers on the western wall while a bucket brigade was being formed. Unfortunately, a hobgoblin sergeant in the courtyard noticed the party as they were dispatching the sentries and sent two teams of scouts to the walls to deal with them.

The sentries attacked, but the elven scouts with Captain Tenevria quickly ascended and aided in the counter-attack. The battle continued along the walls and into one of the wall towers. The hobogoblin commander emerged from the Keep itself and quickly organized his troops for an assault. Seeing the writing on the wall, the party and their elven allies made a break for it, tearing through a squad of hobgoblins and escaping into the massive ruined part of the castle.

The party managed to rest while the hobgoblins took stock of their losses and regrouped. The hobgoblins attempted to smoke the party out, but the party decided to go with a bold plan of scaling the keep while the elven scouts provided distractions with multiple hit and run attacks against the scattered defenses..

The party was able to scale the keep and gain entry into a store room. As they gathered their bearings a human slave entered the store room and was quickly calmed by the group. She told them where the commander was and they took it from there, rushing the guards at the door of the commander’s room before bursting in on him and the Black Tongue, a hobgoblin war priest.

The battle was furious and difficult, as the hobgoblin commander was a skilled warrior. Ser Archibald kicked his shield away from him before he could grab it, which helped tremendously in the combat. Despite Paz being brought to his knees by a vicious blow, the combined might of the party were barely able to defeat the two.

Htaed made sure the war priest was dead, but they took the unconscious body of the hobgoblin commander and many of his notes and documents before reinforcements could arrive. With the commander captured, the hobgoblin forces were willing to negotiate. The commander actually negotiated his own release after discussing things with the elven captain.

The party had run of the keep and the hobgoblins would vacate. The commander commended Ser Archibald’s honor and said that he would likely be ordered to retake the keep within 48 hours. They had that much time.

The party ransacked the keep and escaped, but learned some important information.


  • A delegation from Amaria was on its way to Narazin to discuss or negotiate with Kainis. Zinon Remos’s father will be among the delegation.
  • The party learned some details of hobgoblin culture from the elven captain and from Commander Talin himself.
    • Hobgoblins have a strong taboo against mutilation and branding, never practicing it. It is their belief that a spirit cannot enter the afterlife without being whole.
    • A hobgoblin adult male will always carry a weapon, as it is a sign of his maturity. When forced to disarm, they consider it a personal affront and take vengeance at the first available opportunity. Even having a sheathed dagger will avoid the perceived insult and keep things peaceful.

Experience: All characters advance to level 4.
Treasure: 700 cp, 4000 sp, 1600 gp, 100 pp, 10 gems (100 gp ea), Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Fire Breath, Saddle of the Cavalier



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